News and Announcements for the Week of November 3

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Phyllis Barr, Butch Baumgardner, Marvin Birchfield, Jalena Blair, Dorothy Brown, Phil Brown, Shane Butler, Mary Carrier, Dudley Casey, Lynn Casey, Kay Christian, Jennifer Coch, Betty Combs, Ruth Cox, Suzanne DeBusk,  Kent Dennison, Rick Duncan, Jean  Edmonds, Lance Fleenor,  Andrew Finney, Body Fulford, Clarence Gravely, Bill and Linda Hamilton, Cody Haney, Curtis Harkleroad, Jim Hawk, Anthony Heltzel, Clay Hess, Imogene Hicks, Greg Hopkins, Cathy Jones, Hugh Kilgore, Randy Lambert, Palmer Keith, Hugh Kilgore, Chloe Littrell,  Ann Mann, Riley Mathers, McCamey Family, Latisha  Mullins, Misti, Zoe, & Andy O’Dell,  Aaleyjah Rain  Outterbridge, Mamie Payne, KayPhillips,  Kamdyn Olivia Ross (T. J and Jessica Ross),  Laura Ann Ryan, Cora Jane and Ellyson Rose Rydza, Doug Saul, Chastity Slater, Jean Smith, Jessica Sproles, Abigal Standifer, Leona Streng, Mary Sutherland and family, Jeff  Thompson, Jean Vannoy, Marion Warden, Charles Weems (Nell Shepherd)

Today is All Saints Sunday, celebrated on the first Sunday in November to commemorate all Christian people of every time and place.  All Saints Day is November 1.  The term “saints” in the New Testament usage refers to Christians collectively.  We celebrate the communion of saints as we remember the dead, both of the Church universal and of our local congregation.  We remember those who have died since the last All Saints Day: Kim Gildroy, Dwight Hurlbert, Helen Jessee, Evelyn Phelps, Nancy Smith, and Tim Sutherland.

Sunday, November 10, is Invite A Friend Sunday.  We would like each person who regularly attends worship to be praying specifically for someone and to invite them to come to worship that Sunday.  We will celebrate Invite A Friend Sunday the second Sunday of each month.  Of course, you can invite a friend to come any time, but we hope you will make a special effort for Invite A Friend Sundays.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you so much for your generous Pastor Appreciation gift!  Samantha and I are trying to go to the Holy Land in February and we plan to apply it to the costs of the trip.  To enhance our ministries, Bishop Taylor has invited me to go with her and a group of newly ordained Elders.  It is a dream to go and see the places Jesus walked and get deeper insights into the Bible.  Thanks for your prayers and support!  We are honored to serve among you.  Grace and peace, Pastor Dan and Samantha

Church Council meets Thursday, Nov. 7 at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  This is a regular meeting and will consider our 2014 officers and leaders, our 2014 budget, and other items related to our upcoming Charge Conference on Nov. 14.

Charge Conference, Thursday, Nov. 14, 6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall.  Charge Conference is our annual meeting of our church where officers are elected for the coming year. It also receives reports, reviews and evaluates the total mission and ministry of the congregation, and adopts objectives and goals recommended by the Church Council. It also recommends candidates for the ordained and diaconal ministry to the District Committee on Ordained Ministry or to the Conference Board of Diaconal Ministry. Members of the Church Council are members of the Charge Conference. The district superintendent calls the meeting and presides over it. Anyone may attend the meeting.

It is common for us to fall behind in our giving during the summer months, with vacations and other activities decreasing regular attendance.  Our ministries often increase in the summer, though, especially with children such as Vacation Bible School and with youth such as their participation in the week-long of discipleship at Assembly.  We encourage you to consider whether you need to “catch up” in your tithes and contributions to the General Fund, or perhaps you can give more, so that our ministries may continue strong and growing.

Be A Matthew.  Like the apostle Matthew welcomed non-believers into his home to meet Jesus, please consider welcoming non-believers into your home for a time of faith sharing one evening during the week of November 3.  Excellent resources are being provided free of charge by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Our church is signed up for this nation-wide event and we need you to host a gathering in your home.  Begin praying now about who you can invite — 10 non-believers who are your friends.  For more info, talk to Pastor Dan or visit

Volunteers are needed to help Samantha with Children’s Church during the 11:00 AM services.  If you are able to be a substitute or a regular helper, every few weeks, please call Joan Williams, 538-3535.

Dear Christian Friends:

We are in awe of how the Lord instills in the hearts of our missionaries such an openness to change.  At times, they must leave a country because Christian workers are no longer welcome. Sometimes their visas are not renewed or the government policies change in such a way as to make their work impossible.  They willingly pick up and move to the next place God has for them, sometimes a bit shaken, but unmoved in their commitment to serve the Lord.

Your gifts and prayers make their calling possible—to reach those who need Jesus.  Whether it be from place to place or season to season, change is the catalyst God uses to carry out His plan in each of our lives.  We are so grateful for His gift of love through the changes we face, and we thank you for helping enable your Mission Society missionaries to change lives through the power of Jesus Christ.  Note:  our missionary is Magdy Bassaly.

Lewis H. von Herrmann, VP of Advancement




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