News and Events for October 25

At our last Annual Conference, our delegates pledged that we would encourage each church member to give 10 hours of service this year to children in poverty in our community.  We hope that you are working toward that goal, and will encourage that in your Sunday School, Life Group, UMM, UMW, Circle of Faith, youth ministries, children’s ministries, etc.

Traditional Worship Planning Team will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 3:15 pm in the Willing Worker Classroom. Team members are: David Estep, Jane Bellamy, Betsy Carrier, Priscilla Keene, Kim Lundin, Dan Perry and Dan Gray.

Nominations & Leadership Development Team will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 4:45 pm in the Willing Worker Classroom. Team members are:  Joyce Fleenor, Herman Carrier, Lelia Perry, Carole Ann  Miller, Judy Finney, Lana Butler, Nancy Forrester, and Dan Gray

Johnson City District Lay Servant Training at Cokesbury JC (formerly Cherokee) will be on Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 8:30  a.m.—4:30 p.m.  Registration fee is $25.00 and needs to be returned by Wednesday, October 28.  Please see office for more information.

Church Council will meet on Sunday, Nov. 1, at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall.   Members are:  Nancy Forrester, Lelia Perry, Bobbie Warden, Alicia Ronquillo, Herman Carrier, Kim Lundin, Jin Lane, Samantha Gray, Betty Malone, Dan Gray, Wendy Finney, Brian Ronquillo, Dan Ronquillo, Josh Hodges, Melissia Perkins, Wilma Boy, Tony Lundin, Jane Bellamy, April Hodges, Dan Perry, Betsy Carrier, Jack Hurlbert, Michael Forrester, Joan Williams, Bret Finney, Elaine Good.

Trunk or Treat—It is that time of the year to begin collecting candy and/or monetary donations for Trunk or Treat which will be held on Saturday, October 31.  There will be a box in the hall outside the office and one at the Wesley Center to collect the candy.  Monetary  donations may be turned in to Nancy Forrester.  Please designate for Trunk or Treat either on your check or put the cash in an envelope prior to giving to Nancy.

A workshop called “Active Shooter/ Armed IntruderTraining” by Jerry Stout of Homeland Security will be held at Piney Flats UMC on Wed., Oct 28 at 6 pm. A potato bar meal is served at 5:30 pm for $5 if you would like to eat there. RSVP to Carolyn Kerr at 423-538-6937. 

              November Birthdays and Anniversaries


2           Cherry Reynolds
3           Joshua Durham, Joe Kennedy
6           Kailey Adams
9           Amy Cohee
10         Billie Stewart
24         Joan Williams
25        John Thomas Ryan
26        John Perry, Levi Newman
27        Brian Durham, Russ Kloosterman
29        Evelyn Hurley
30        Gabi Francis Lane


4     Scott and Cathey McClelland
16   Allen and Paula Durham
6     Dan and Alicia Ronquillo
30  Ted and Martha Kittell
15   C.P. and Jin Lane

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