News and Events for March 27


For worshippers interested in renewing the promises they have made at their baptism, we invite you to participate today during the worship service in the Reaffirmation of the Baptismal Covenant and the Baptismal Remembrance . If you have not received the sacrament of Baptism and are interested in doing so, please talk with Pastor Dan to arrange a time.

Pastor Dan will be out of town from March 29—April 5.  In case of a church need, please contact Nancy Forrester, our Lay Leader.

Kim Lundin and Jane Bellamy want to thank all the people who helped with the Cantata “No Greater Love” — especially the soloists:  Bruce Stewart, Camille Gray, Carole Miller, Dan Gray, James Altman, Lana Butler, Lelia Perry, Mary Lundin, Nancy Forrester, Samantha Gray; the narrator  Lloyd Williams; the sound technician  Dan Perry; the bells Carolyn Gravely ; and ALL the faithful choir members!

The Johnson City District is holding its first annual Race to the Czech Point 5K on Saturday, April 2 at Gray UMC. All proceeds will benefit the Czech Mission Fund, providing scholarships for mission team members and funding for the English Speaking UMC in Prague. Learn more at or contact Amy Blumberg at 741-6569 or

GRADUATION—If you know of someone graduating from high school or college this spring, please give the information to Bobbie Warden or Priscilla Keene.

Our Prayers Matter — Holston Conference joins other annual conferences across the denomination in setting apart a day to pray for the upcoming General Conference, to be held May 10-20 in Portland, OR.  Holston’s Day of Prayer is Tuesday, April 12.  Beginning at 5:10 p.m. and lasting until 5:20 p.m., congregations are asked to pause where you are to remember the General Conference, all who will attend, the work that will be accomplished, and the ministry of our church that will continue long after the conference is adjourned.  The time frame represents the dates of the General Conference.

Senior Adult Gathering will be held Thursday, April 14 at Munsey Memorial UMC.  Beth Green will provide music and humor, and Rev. Joe Green will be the speaker.

April Birthdays & Anniversaries


4    Lelia Perry
5    Paula Durham
6    April Hodges
7    Bridget Whitehead
8    Kathy Hurlbert
16  C. W. Fleenor
19   Lenny Leonard, Carole Miller
20   Kim Lundin
21    Bruce Stewart
22   Dottie Leonard
23   Greg Webb


21 Harold and Dottie Leonard
27   Jack and Kathy Hurlbert

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