News and Events for September 4

We celebrate Communion today. On Communion Sundays, usually the first Sunday of each month, we collect a special offering to share with our brothers and sisters at the Robinson Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church . Claiming our oneness in Christ Jesus and to help bridge the racial divide in our culture and because of our shared Wesleyan heritage, we support that congregation with a gift of $100 per month. During Communion, you can bring your offering forward. You can make a check payable to Bluff City UMC and write “AME Zion” in the memo line.

Our second Sunday of each month is Invite A Friend Sunday. We would like each person who regularly attends worship to be praying specifically for someone and to invite them to come to worship that Sunday. Of course, you can invite a friend to  come any time, but we hope you will make a special effort for Invite A Friend Sundays.

Church Council will meet Thursday, Sept. 8, and on Thursday, Oct. 13, at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Ministry Team Chairs  — please schedule a meeting before  mid-September to meet with your team to prepare budget requests for 2017. You can check the church calendar at our website, , to look for an open date. When you determine the date, please contact Betty in the church office so she can get it on the calendar. Please avoid conflicts with other church events.

Nominations & Leadership Development Team meets Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 6:30 pm in the Willing Worker Classroom. Team members are: Dan Gray, Joan Williams, Jane Bellamy, Carole Miller, Judy finney, Lana Butler, Pearl Carrier, Jin Lane, and Nancy Forrester.

Louisiana Flood Relief— If you are looking for ways to help those affected by  the Louisiana Flood, please give, making checks payable to Bluff City UMC and put on the memo line: UMCOR flood relief.

UMCOR Sager Brown Depot was not affected by the flooding, and all staff are safe in their homes.  They are busy coordinating relief supplies, and anticipate a surge of requests for cleaning buckets.

Outside volunteers have not been requested yet, so please stay put and do your part by donating to UMCOR.

September Birthdays and Anniversaries


3    Teresa Webb
4    Doris Bates
5    Grady Burke
6    Jane Bellamy, Jerry Malone
7    Shirley Reider
8    Nancy Forrester
9    Autumn Townsend
10  Zaiah Gray


 10    Dan & Samantha Gray

Bluff City Heritage Day

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Notice of Participation by BCUM Church

Goals of participation by our Church are: (1) Show God’s love of our community through BCUM Church, (2) Create unified effort by Church groups and, (3) Facilitate fund raisers for Church groups “special projects” and Church’s “general fund”.  There will be many opportunities for all ages of our congregation to help out with our Church’s participation.  General categories of our efforts are below. Please volunteer or accept when you are asked to help.

  1. Yard Sale – Please check your basement, attic, garage, etc. for items that can be sold in our yard sale.  You may bring to the Fellowship Hall during Church office hours or other times that will be given. Sale of items will be a fund raiser for “youth ministries “and “general fund”.
  1. Food Court- This is a joint effort by our UMM, UMW, and Circle of Faith. There will be breakfast, lunch, “sweets’, beverages and “kettle corn” items for sale. This will be a fund raiser for our Church “general fund”.
  2. Free Children’s Games- Prizes with a religious theme will be given to participants in ring toss, duck pond, and corn bag toss games.
  1. Church Information Booth- Free complimentary items such as water, pencils, pins, bracelets, etc. will be given to “festival goers” along with a brochure describing our Church ministries. Our Church sponsored “Scouts” will also have an information booth.
  1. Church Tower Chiming – On the hour chiming with special music will be a special feature.

Contact Mike Miller, Planning Team Leader, if you have questions.



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