News and Events for September 11

Church Council will meet Thursday, Oct. 13, at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Members are:  Tommy Forrester, Betty Malone, Nancy Forrester, Lelia Perry, Bobbie Warden, Carole Miller, Jane Bellamy, Kim Lundin, Elaine Good, Dan Perry, James Altman, Melissa Perkins, Wilma Boy, Mike Miller, Priscilla Keene, Samantha Gray, Betsy Carrier, Tony Lundin, Jack Hurlbert, Kathy Hurlbert, Joan Williams, Jin Lane, and Dan Gray

Ministry Team Chairs, please schedule a meeting before September 25 to meet with your team to prepare budget requests for 2017. Budget requests are due in the church office or by September 25 . You can check the church calendar at our website, , to look for an open date. When you determine the date, please contact Betty in the church office so she can get it on the calendar. Please avoid conflicts with other church events.

Nominations & Leadership Development Team meets Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 4:00pm in the Willing Worker Classroom. Team members are: Dan Gray, Joan Williams, Jane Bellamy, Carole Miller, Judy Finney, Lana Butler, Pearl Carrier, Jin Lane, and Nancy Forrester.

 Charge Conference is Sunday, October 30 .

 Worship (All) Ministries Team will meet Wednesday, Sept. 14 after Choir practice.  Members are:  Jane Bellamy, Nancy Forrester, Bruce Stewart, Carole Miller, Kim Lundin, and Dan Gray.

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