News and Events for November 6

Today is All Saints Sunday , celebrated on the first Sunday in November to commemorate all Christian people of every time and place. All Saints Day is November 1. The term “saints” in the New Testament usage refers to Christians collectively. We celebrate the communion of saints as we remember our loved ones who have transitioned into the next life, both of the Church universal and of our local congregation. We remember those who have died since the last All Saints Day.

On Communion Sundays, usually the first Sunday of each month, we collect a special offering to share with our brothers and sisters at the Robinson Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church . Claiming our oneness in Christ Jesus and to help bridge the racial divide in our culture and because of our shared Wesleyan heritage, we support that congregation with a gift of $100 per month. During Communion, you can bring your offering forward. You can make a check payable to Bluff City UMC and write “AME Zion” in the memo line.

Our second Sunday of each month is Invite A Friend Sunday. We would like each person who regularly attends worship to be praying specifically for someone and to invite them to come to worship that Sunday. Of course, you can invite a friend to come any time, but we hope you will make a special effort for Invite A Friend Sundays.

Called Church Council meeting TODAY at 12:45 pm in the Fellowship. We will meet to consider funding of two projects: (1) the installation of a new sound system in the Sanctuary; and (2) the installation of wi-fi equipment to get internet access at the Wesley Center. The current Sanctuary sound system needs a new sound board, amplifier, speakers, and microphones. The Wesley Center internet access project was previously approved by a 2011 Church Council. We will consider the church Money Market account as a possible source of project funding. The meeting will follow the spaghetti luncheon sponsored by the Circle of Faith, so plan to eat that day and support their fundraiser for their Christmas project. Church council members are: Tommy Forrester, Nancy Forrester, Lelia Perry, Dan Perry, Betty Malone, Jane Bellamy, Joan Williams, Bobbie Warden, Carole Miller, Kim Lundin, Elaine Good, James Altman, Melissa Perkins, Wilma boy, Tony Lundin, Mike Miller, Priscilla Keene, Samantha Gray, Betsy Carrier, Jack Hurlbert, Michael Forrester, Kathy  Hurlbert, Jin Lane, Dan Gray.


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