News and Events for January 22

We welcome Rev. Scottie Miller Wagner to share the message this morning. Rev. Scottie is the Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, an Episcopal Church congregation in Reading, MA. She grew up in our church and is the daughter of Mike and Carole Miller, and we are all super proud of her!

Resurrection Youth Retreat is January 20-22 in Pigeon Forge. We have 17 people on the trip, including 4 adult mentors — Bobbie Warden, Valerie Altman, Shawn Stantz, and Pastor Dan. Please hold our youth and adult mentors in your prayers.

Leadership & Vision Team will meet Tuesday, Jan. 24 , from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Team members are: Dan Gray, Nancy Forrester, Lelia Perry, Bobbie Warden, Tony Lundin, Carole Miller, Jane Bellamy, Elaine Good, Lana Butler, Samantha Gray, Dan Perry, Jack Hurlbert, Michael Forrester .

Leadership Dedication Sunday is Jan. 29. We will recognize our 2016 leadership and dedicate our 2017 leadership in both worship services. We are grateful for our 2016 leaders who have served so faithfully!

 Leadership Training is Sunday, Jan. 29 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. All ministry team leaders and committee chairs are asked to be present for this once-a-year training. We will cover some basics of servant  leadership, leading a meeting, setting goals, working with the budget, communications, and our church organization.

Each year, your apple-butter stirring and sales helps change lives in the name of Jesus. In 2016, our Ministry & Missions Team distributed $850 to the following Advance Special hunger-related ministries:

¨ International Advance. $250 to ISHE ANESU to sponsor a child with food and clothing for 1 year at the orphanage in Zimbabwe;

¨ United States Advance. $200 to Society of St. Andrew , a Virginia based ecumenical gleaning ministry that distributes  food to hungry people in our area and throughout the country;

¨ UMCOR Advance. $200 to World Hunger/ Poverty . This UMCOR project provides funding, accompaniment and technical support to organizations empowering families to sustainably improve their food and nutrition security; and develops resources and educational materials to educate and raise awareness within the faith based community about the issues faced by people who are poor and food insecure and call people to action to mobilize for ending the systemic injustices of hunger and poverty  in the world.

¨ Conference Advance. $200 to Second Harvest Food Bank . Second Harvest, based in Gray, TN, supports Rockhold Food Pantry and supports the children at Bluff City Elementary and Middle Schools via Backpack Food Program.

The Circle of Faith will be having a Valentine’s Banquet on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  Tickets are $15 each or $25 per couple and are available for purchase from any Circle of Faith member. Entertainment will be provided.

Your thoughtfulness certainly made a difference in mind.

Thanks Again,

Doris Bates


Several years ago, donations were made to a designated fund for the children’s bell choir program (current balance of $194.62) and to a designated fund for the children’s rotation Sunday School ministry (current balance of $102.53). We have not done these particular ministries since at least 2008 and perhaps before; and do not anticipate doing them again. We would like to move these funds to the Designated Children’s Ministries fund to be available to more generally support our ministries with children. If you donated any amount to either the children’s bell choir program or the rotation Sunday School, please contact Pastor Dan to  discuss this matter .

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