News and Events for May 13

The Ascension of the Lord is officially forty days after Easter and ten days before Pentecost.  On this Sunday closest to the Ascension, we celebrate the ascension of Jesus recorded both at the end of Luke’s gospel (Luke 24:50-53) and the beginning of his writing about the early church (Acts 1:9-11). The act of Ascension (Jesus literally rising into the sky) is important in that it signifies His enthronement, His being exalted to the right hand of the Father, and His authority in heaven and on earth.

In our new worship format, our offering will be given on Communion Sundays by coming forward to the Communion table to give the offering before receiving the Communion elements.  An offering is not required or expected in order to receive Communion. Communion is one of our sacraments reminding us of God’s grace freely given through Jesus Christ. On non-Communion Sundays, our ushers will pass offering plates as the congregation remains seated.

If you have any good boxes like banker boxes for packing files and books, please bring them to the church office for Pastor Dan to use in packing his office.

Sunday, May 20 is Pentecost, a great celebration in the church based on the special outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and the Jerusalem church, recorded in Acts 2. The liturgical color for Pentecost is red. Our Worship Team invites everyone to wear red on Pentecost Sunday.

The recipient of our Annual Conference 2018 Mission Offering will be our South Sudanese brothers and sisters in exile right now in northern Uganda. On Sunday, May 27, we will receive an offering that will be used to help our brothers and sisters of South Sudan.

Hands On Mission Project. We are collecting backpacks filled with school supplies for Liberia as our district’s 2018 Annual Conference Hands-On Mission Project. Pack all items in a backpack. It is okay to send a used backpack, but please make certain it is clean, in good condition, and that you have removed all personal items. A $5.00 donation for packing and shipping is to accompany each kit – do not put money in the backpack. Backpacks are due in the church office by Wednesday, May 30.

Wednesday  night meals for May 16, 23 and 30th are cancelled due to health issues and Joan’s cruise.  Meals will resume on June 6th.

—Jin, Joan and Lelia

 There will be a covered dish dinner on Sunday, June 10  after the service in the Fellowship Hall to honor Pastor Dan and Family as we send them forth on their journey.  Please plan to attend.  Please let Lelia know what dish you are planning to bring so she can coordinate the meal.


Children are absolutely wonderful, and we are here to help them grow spiritually.  You can be a part of that!  We are still in need of volunteers to serve in the nursery, elementary, as well as youth on Sundays as one of our amazing youth leaders, Miss Samantha, will be leaving us later this summer.  We also need volunteers to assist on Wednesday nights.  We aim to begin including childcare for the nursery on both Wednesday and Sundays, and WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!  If we cannot do this, we will be looking to hire paid workers to ensure that this need is met.

We are hoping to create a rotation FOR ALL CLASSES so that as a volunteer you would only be required to sit in one hour per month, or two months, or longer depending on how many volunteers we can get into the rotation.  Our Safe Sanctuary  policy requires us to have two volunteers in each room.  Safe Sanctuary policies are  put into place for the safety of our children as well as the workers.  If you love children and would like to share your talents, however often, this will allow us to create a rotation that works for everyone involved.   Please see Taylor Lee to see how you can help.  Thank you!


The following have made donations

                 in Memory of  Lloyd and Dolores Williams:

                                  Freida Boughton
                                  June Dugger and Family
                                  Maynard and Dorothy Yates
                                  Dr. Dale and Molly Keller
                                  Joan Williams
                                  Evelyn Hurley
                                  Jin Lane
                                  Jane Bellamy
                                  Jennifer Proveda
                                  Margaret Ann Frizzell
                                  Sammye P. Kiser
                                  Nell Shepherd
                                  Lorraine Hale

In Memory of  Dee Anderson: 

                                  Joan Williams





















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