News and Events for June 3

In our new worship format, our offering will be given on Communion Sundays by coming forward to the Communion table to give the offering before receiving the Communion elements.  An offering is not required or expected in order to receive Communion. Communion is one of our sacraments reminding us of God’s grace freely given through Jesus Christ. On non-Communion Sundays, our ushers will pass offering plates as the congregation remains seated.

The Lord’s table is open to all know know Jesus Christ as Lord or seek Him. If you receive Communion and have not been baptized, please discuss this with Pastor Dan so that we can arrange for your baptism, one of our sacraments.

On Communion Sundays, usually the first Sunday of each month, we collect a special offering to share with our brothers and sisters at the Robinson Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church.  Claiming our oneness in Christ Jesus and to help bridge the racial divide in our culture and because of our shared Wesleyan heritage, we support that congregation with a gift of $100 per month. During Communion, you can bring your offering forward. You can make a check payable to Bluff City UMC and write “AME Zion” in the memo line.

Our second Sunday of each month is Invite A Friend Sunday. We would like each person who regularly attends worship to be praying specifically for someone and to invite them to come to worship that Sunday.  Of course, you can invite a friend to come any time, but we hope you will make a special effort for Invite A Friend Sundays.

                      Birthday Wishes to…   

               6/04    Mary Lundin
6/16    Jay Altman
               6/18    Harold Leonard
               6/20    Luke Gray
               6/21    Bobbie Dail Warden
               6/29    Mildred Betty Carrier

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