News and Events for July 1

Today, we welcome Pastor Sean Glenn and his family to Bluff City UMC.  Sean is married to Bethany and they have three children—Will (age 7), Luke (age 6), and Anna (age 3).  They are originally from  Dandridge TN.  Sean is currently enrolled at Asbury Theological Seminary pursuing his master of Divinity degree.

 The Office will be closed Wednesday due July 4th Holiday!

 July Birthdays and Anniversaries


10 Tim Harkleroad, Noah Taylor
12 Earl Smith
13 Bret Finney
15 Carolyn Gravely, Brian Ronquillo
22 Mari Hicks (missionary)
29 Donnie Rader, Sr.


10 Jerry and Betty Malone
16 Harvey and Betsy Carrier
19  Bryan and Missy Byrd, Jimmy and Elaine Good
29 Lana and George Butler
31 Bill and Bobbie Warden

Church Council will be Sunday, July 15 at 4:00 PM.  All committee chairs are asked to bring a written report about accomplishments made so far this year and what is planned for this next quarter. Members are:

Nancy Forrester (Chair), Michael Forrester, Jack Hurlbert, Lana Butler, Bobbie Warden, Carole Miller, Mike Miller, Dan Perry, Lelia Perry, Betty Malone, Pastor Sean, Tony Lundin, Jane Bellamy,  Kim Lundin, Valarie Altman, Jin Lane, Priscilla Keene, Jim Altman,  Betsy Carrier, Herman Carrier, Joan Williams, Bruce Stewart.

Leadership and Vision Team will meet Sunday, 7/8 at 5:00 PM in the Willing Workers Classroom.  Members are: Michael Forrester, Lana Butler, Jane Bellamy, Lelia Perry, Kim Lundin, Bobbie Warden, Mike Miller, Carole Miller, Valarie Altman, Priscilla Keene,  Betsy Carrier, Jane Riley, Dan Perry, Nancy Forrester, Herman Carrier.

Taylor Lee, our Director of Children and Youth Ministries, is leaving us as of Thursday, 6/28.  We wish Taylor good luck with her future plans.  She will be missed.

Trustees will meet Thursday, 7/5 at 6:30  PM in the Willing Workers Classroom. Members are:  Jack Hurlbert (Chair), Bill Durham, Jay Altman, Pearl Carrier, Donnie Rader, Bruce Stewart, Selena Lane, Pastor Sean.

Following the Church Council meeting on July 15, we will hold a reception welcoming our new pastor, Sean Glenn,  and his family.  If you would like, please bring your favorite finger food(s).  If you have any questions, see Lelia.

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