News and Events for February 24

Church Council will meet immediately following worship Sunday Feb. 24 in the Sanctuary for a brief meeting to discuss prioritizing maintenance projects.

The Nurture Team will meet on Tuesday, February 26th, at 6 PM in the Willing Workers Classroom.  All team members need to be present.  Team members are:  Mike Miller (Chair), Carole Miller, Valerie Altman, Priscilla Keene, Betsy Carrier, Sean Glenn, Tony Lundin, Joan Williams, Lelia Perry, Elaine Good.

The Sanctuary Team will meet on Wednesday, February 27th at 6 PM in the Sanctuary.  Team members are:  Bruce Stewart, Donnie Rader, Jane Bellamy, Betsy Carrier, Jin Lane, and Megan Burke.

There will be a Worship Team meeting on Sunday, March 3, at 4 PM in the Willing Workers Classroom.  Team members, please plan to attend.

The Witness team will be hosting the Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper on Wednesday, March 6, from 5:00—7:00 in the Wesley Center.  Cost is $6.00 per person.  All proceeds go to church outreach ministries.

On March 10, we will be starting a new Sunday School class!  The class will be topical in nature and will be led by Tony Franklin.  It will meet in the Fellowship Hall.  The first topic will be to study more in depth our Lenten sermon series:  Listen to Him.  We will go on a journey from the Mount of Transfiguration all the way to the cross.  Join us!

Our Wednesday night Bible Study will begin our Lenten study “Listen to Him” on March 13th at 6 PM in the Willing Workers classroom.  All are welcome.  If you are interested in this study, you have 2 opportunities—Sunday morning during Sunday School and Wednesday evening.

Dear Friends:

Thank you so very much for your most recent gift to Heifer.  I hope you know that your generosity does more than simply give food to those in need.  It is a solution that gives families the tools they need to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty once and for all.  You see, whether you give families livestock or provide them with training that teaches them to grow healthier crops, you give them the gift of self-reliance.  Because of you, they learn to provide for themselves and be successful for generations to come.  In short—through your support of Heifer, you give more than a cup of milk or bowl of food—you create a lasting impact and permanently change lives around the world.

Pierre U. Ferrari
President and CEO, Heifer International


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