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We are a United Methodist congregation, part of the Three Rivers District and part of the Holston Conference of The UMC.  See below for our Mission Statement (why we exist), our Values Statement (our core values), and our Vision Statement (God’s preferred future for us).  To learn more about our basic beliefs, visit Beliefs at the United Methodist Church website.


Pastor: C. Sean Glenn

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Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries: We are currently taking applications!



Administrative Assistant: Betty Malone

Betty Malone


Custodian: Bonnie Smith


Phone: 423-538-7822
Fax: 423-391-7735

Facebook: Bluff City United Methodist Church

Our address is PO Box 190, Bluff City, TN, 37618.
Our Sanctuary, Education Building, Fellowship Hall, and church offices are located at 468 Cedar St.
Our Wesley Center is located at 265 Main St., one block away.


Mission Statement: To know, love, and serve God as growing disciples of Jesus Christ, and to connect people with God’s love.

Values Statement:  We value . . .

  • Love.
    • Receiving God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ.
    • Loving God.
    • Loving others as we love ourselves.
    • Caring for one another.
  • Integrity.
    • Jesus is the Truth.
    • Honesty.
    • Authenticity.
    • Doing the right thing.
    • Speaking truth in love to one another.
  • Commitment.
    • Seeking God first.
    • Being disciples of Jesus.
    • Trusting God’s ways.
    • Submitting to God’s authority.
    • Taking responsibility for our actions.
    • Acting faithfully.
    • Being accountable.
  • Peace.  John 14:27
    • Even in the midst of storm, knowing that God is with me and for me.  Who can be against me?
    • Being peacemakers.
    • As much as it depends on me, living at peace with others.
  • Mercy and Justice.  Micah 6:8
    • Being merciful to our neighbor in need.
    • Asking for mercy.
    • Being empathetic toward others.
    • Pursuing justice.
  • Relevance.
    • Committing to ministries that make a difference.
    • Being caring servants.
    • Being welcoming.
    • Being inclusive.
    • Accepting differences.
    • Committing to relationships.
  • Service.
    • Serving others to share God’s love.
    • Serving one another.
  • Contentment.  Luke 12:15; Psalm 23; Ecclesiastes 2:10-11; Philippians 4:11-13; Hebrews 13:5-6
    • Trusting in God’s provision.  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
    • God’s grace is sufficient.
    • Finding satisfaction and joy in my current circumstances, whatever they are.
  • Generosity.
    • Being grateful to God for all things.
    • Giving back to God in gratitude.
    • Tithing.
    • Keeping perspective on what is important, knowing that material things do not always bring joy.
  • Unity.
    • Oneness of vision, purpose, and calling.
    • Leveraging our diversity to a common goal.
    • Resolving conflicts Biblically.

Vision Statement:  God’s vision for us is to become and be disciples of Jesus Christ, being transformed into Christ’s image and likeness; and welcome others in our community to journey with us as disciples.  To that end, we will:

    • Pray for our community and for one another, that we will be faithful disciples.
    • Be united in Jesus Christ and His mission.
    • Be gracious to invite and welcome people in our community to know God’s redeeming grace and love in our midst.
    • Celebrate being one church while offering excellent, passionate, inviting, Spirit-filled worship to our community through two styles of worship, contemporary and traditional.
    • Care for, affirm, support, encourage one another as beloved children of God.
    • Welcome people into our family and fellowship, allowing them to connect as beloved daughters and sons of God.
    • Grow and mature in the ways of God, taught to us in the Bible and revealed most fully in the life and teachings of Jesus.  We will develop a dynamic children’s ministry and a dynamic youth ministry.  We will focus on spiritual formation for adults through small groups, providing intimacy, caring and accountability with God and one another.  We will strive to be a faithful, committed community.
    • Pursue multi-generational relationships, experiences and activities, where we can learn from each other.
    • Give generously and extravagantly of our time, talents, gifts, tithes, offerings and resources, recognizing that we are blessed to be a blessing.
    • Share God’s redeeming love by serving in risk-taking ministry and missions in our community, our region and throughout the world.  We will seek to offer ministries that are relevant to meeting people’s needs – where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.

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