Worship & Celebrate

Our worship is a time to come together into the presence of God to praise and adore our three-in-one God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Recognizing that God loved us first, we express our love for God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.  As we offer our hearts anew to God, we find that we are nourished and renewed by God’s presence.

What’s it like?  We enjoy the presence of God and one another.  We honor God by preaching the Word of God.  We pray and sing.  We celebrate life together and help carry one another’s burdens.  We have periods of silence and times of loudness!  You can remain silent throughout or shout Amen! if you like.  Depending on the theme of worship, we draw on different styles of worship each Sunday.  Sometimes we use more contemporary Christian songs with guitars and keyboards and sometimes we use traditional beloved hymns of the faith led by our majestic organ.  We’ve also been known to bring out a banjo and mandolin every now and then.  Sometimes you will hear our terrific choir provide special music, while other times you will worship by way of magnificent solos and duets.  Our hope is that in the various ways of expressing music, we will do so with excellence and find the best ways to honor God and lead the congregation.  We also look for other creative ways to express our worship, such as dramas and visual arts.

Can children come?  Yes!!!  We love for children to be present with us in worship and they are welcome throughout the celebration.  It’s even okay for babies to cry, for we think God uses that to remind us of the joy that they are with us.  Mothers are welcome to breastfeed in our Sanctuary, as we want to affirm God’s gift of the nurturing mother-child relationship, but they are also welcome to meet the needs of their little ones in the nursery where the sermon is broadcast.  If you desire, however, we provide nursery care by background-checked volunteers who love children.  For those children going to the nursery, parents should bring them for check-in in the nursery before worship, then come to our worship celebration with parents or the nursery volunteers, enjoy the Children’s Message, and then go to the nursery following The Lord’s Prayer.  We ask parents to check-out their child within 10 minutes of the end of worship.

What should I wear?  Jesus wore the outfit of a first-century Palestinian Jew, so if you want to be like Him, do that.  If you prefer the Greco-Roman look, a toga is okay, but please make sure you are properly covered.  Or if you want to wear your “Sunday best” as a way of honoring God, that is fine.  A fancy, non-prideful hat would look good with that.  Or you can go T-shirt and jeans.  We don’t think God cares so much what is on the outside of a person as where your heart is.  So, just dress in a way that is considerate of others and come with a heart that seeks to know God.

When and where?  Our Sunday worship celebration begins at 10:30 am and runs about an hour to 1.5 hours.  The celebration happens in our historic 1893 Sanctuary, located at 468 Cedar St., Bluff City, TN 37618.

Watch it online.  To see the worship celebration live-streamed, click here.  This link will also allow you to see previous worship services.